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Canina Slim & Healthy Powder 250g | 2170960015

Model: 2170960015
SKU: 81309
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Description for Canina Slim & Healthy Powder 250g | 2170960015


Composition: Chitosamine (product from the exoskeleton of crustaceans), inulin, ground seaweed, spirulina, ground anise, ground ginger, ground dried leaves (from green tea), ground fennel, ground chilli, ground yellow mustard, ground caraway.

  • Slim & Healthy Powder
  • Size: 250g
  • Diet feed supplement for cats to reduce obesity
  • Weight reduction (e.g. in cats with approx. 4 kg body weight) of 500 g in approx. 21 days.
  • Support for weight loss through fat-binding chitosamine (from the exoskeleton of crustaceans), which can bind many times its weight to fat and is channeled out undigested: the calories from this fat are therefore not used.
  • Inulin (from the chicory root) promotes a feeling of fullness: this fiber swells up in the stomach; the cat is signaled that it is full (begging less). Inulin has a positive influence on the intestinal flora and acts as a prebiotic.
  • Stimulation of fat burning through L-carnitine tartrate, an endogenous substance that can improve the supply of energy to the cells, and through thermogenic spices such as ginger, chilli and mustard seeds (conversion of food energy into heat energy).
  • Increase in vitality and motivation by building muscles from carbohydrates (instead of storing fat by converting carbohydrates).

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Specifications for Canina Slim & Healthy Powder 250g | 2170960015

  • Other
  • 2170960015
Microless SKU
  • 81309
Date first available
  • 01 July, 2021
Shipping Weight
  • 0.35 Kg
Shipping Dimensions
  • 6.90 cm x 14.80 cm x 6.85 cm
  • 12.01 X 4.80 X 4.90cm
Technical Specifications
  • Slim & Healthy Powder
  • 250g
  • Muscles From Carbohydrates
  • Food Energy into Heat Energy
Easy to Use
  • Yes
  • Cats
  • Fat-Binding Chitosamine
Specific Uses
  • Magen & Darm, Gewichtskontrolle

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